Flat tire replaced

I took the wheel of my bike – thankfully it’s the front wheel, so that took all of three seconds – and wandered down to the bike shop to have them look at it. I’m sure I must have had numerous flat tires in my life, but I can’t really remember any – aside from my old bike where the rubber completely perished with age – and I’ve never repaired one. So, being lazy as I am, I made them do it. Which essentially meant just taking the tire off the wheel, blowing up the inner tube, trying to find a leak – and failing – and putting in a new inner tube.

As noted, no leak could be found, and as far as I could tell the valve was fine. I still have the old tube, and it’s presently mostly inflated, so we’ll see if it goes down on it’s own. And/or I’ll dunk it in some water and search for a leak that way.

On the up side, I did watch how they removed the tire and whatnot, so in future I should be able to have a go at repairing it myself.

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