For the second Thursday running, Rob & I went to the Laserforce happy hour. We weren’t there too long, by ourselves, when a small group of young girls – twelvish I’m guessing – came in. I wasn’t certain they’d be much of a challenge, but then they’re female, so they’re shifty, and they’re young, so they’re even shiftier. I don’t think they were all too enthralled with us joining them, but, well, stuff ’em. :P

We played four games in total, one down on the five from last week, but the guy running it was a bit new, I think, and it took a good ten minutes just to figure out how to get things going. Indeed, for the first game Rob & I weren’t able to sign in… we never quite figured out why, although it was fixed in all of about two keystrokes by one of the other guys.

Anyway, as expected our five opponents were very very shifty, so while not particular knowledgeable of the maze or the general principles of sneakiness, they were a sufficient challenge nonetheless. In the team games they naturally chose to go against Rob & I, which meant lots of targets for us. :D

We also played one individual game, which was good because by then Rob & I were signed in and – as level 4’s – were taking three shots to kill the girls, which while a fair handicap was frustrating at times… all too often they were able to respond before we could get a third shot in. I took the opportunity to shoot Rob as much as possible, since he died from just one of my shots, and he too got a few in against me I suspect.

All in all it was fun, for us anyway. We also blew $10 or so in that stupid Time Crisis 2 arcade game that Rob’s so fond of… bah.. stupid game… it took most of our money just to get to the 2nd level, and then we both died immediately. :)

After that, pancakes as usual, and from there, home once again. It was fairly early by the time I got back to mum’s – 9pm or so. I did some more work, then eventually went to bed.

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