Comet Bazza

On Tuesday, when we were around at nana & pop’s, pop showed dad & I the comet that’s oh so popular at the moment. I’m not sure what it’s called, but I’m told it’s named by an Australian, so I can only presume it’s name is Bazza. ;)

Anyway, when we got home I wanted to try out dad’s 300D to see how well it was able to do the long exposure necessary to photograph the comet. Unfortunately there was no way I could hold it steady enough, and although we got the tripod out dad didn’t know off hand how to enable the 10 second shutter delay it turns out the camera supports… anyway, I read the manual, figured it out, and went out Wednesday night to have another go at it. I took a few attempts – the camera’s auto-focus is useless at night time, and I didn’t have anything distant to focus on manually as a reference, so it was hit and miss – but eventually got the one below, which I think is pretty reasonable.

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