Marzi’s dinner

Yesterday was work as usual, until the evening when I went up to Marzi’s for dinner. I can’t recall now how I met Marzi… possibly at J.D.’s… I can’t recall any earlier time. Anyway, I knew she came a fair way to get to Frankston, but didn’t quite appreciate it until I drove to her place. She lives in “The Basin”, which despite the name is actually half way up Mount Dandenong. I guess it was named after the bathroom rather than the geographical kind. Anyway, her place is on the side of the steep hill, tucked in amongst the forest (along with many others on the road). It’s quite old and a little rickety, but really nice.

There were quite a few people there from down this way – Wig, Scotty, Sverra & Pia, Adele and so forth. In fact Sverra & Pia appeared behind me somewhere on Ferntree Gully Road. They overtook me at one point, and I then followed behind them all the way to Marzi’s. And they didn’t see me once. Sverra had his head buried in the Melways when they overtook me, and I guess Pia doesn’t know my car. Still… how unobservant can you be? :)

Dinner was a mix of chocolate-coated pizza – Anthony gave Marzi a fondo fountain :D – and some kind of rice thing – for me, anyway; Marzi & Adele went and grabbed a range of takeaway for everyone.

[big break – now the 17th of March, 2007]

I’ve only just noticed I never finished this entry. Whoops. My memory of Marzi’s is a little fuzzy now, of course… there was much chocolate-covered goodness, as I’d previously written. And otherwise we all largely sat or stood about, chatting and whatnot. Later in the evening we broke out the board games, briefly – playing “Man Bites Dog”, where you’re dealt five cards and have to make up an amusing newspaper headline with the words on them. I didn’t think all that much of it, myself – a lot of the time the stuff you came up with was sensible but not really that comical, and in many cases headlines that I thought were quite mundane seemed to go over very well with others.

At some point I managed to talk [Adele’s] Michael and I think Wig, and/or Scotty, into playing Pooface. Michael had played before, in fact. I think we played only a single game… it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as that first night I’d played it; I guess the novelty wore off a bit, or perhaps – and I suspect more accurately – it just isn’t as amusing with those guys as with a bunch of people my dad’s age and a nine year old to explain the rules. :D

All in all it was a very nice night – not too late; I think I was back at dad’s by 1am or something from memory.

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