So I jumped the gun a bit – I haven’t yet recorded what happened in the brief time I was back in Melbourne, between New Zealand at the U.S. So, I arrived back at 8am or so on Thursday morning. I caught the Airport Bus down to Frankston, where dad picked me up. He dropped me back at his place, where I had left my car… and I can’t really remember what I did for the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep.

I’d only had two or so hours of sleep that morning, for a particular reason I might disclose one day – although don’t get too excited, I slept in my own bed – by myself – that nights, thankyouverymuch. :P

Anyway… that night I went out to Hardrock Cafe, in the city, with a few people. Let’s see… Rob wasn’t there ’caused he’d ditched me to go camping :P… Tony was there, as was Michael, and Simon, and whoisname who I’ve met over and over and can never remember…. anyway, there was also Jess, Sket & Sean – albeit only for a short while – and Bobo, along with Rachel Yates, Roxanne, Lochy, and Catherine – who very rudely crashed my party. ;) Nah, she didn’t of course, but she apologised facetiously on the going-away card that everyone signed. :)

That was good – I’d tried to catch up with lots of people before I’d left for New Zealand, knowing I wouldn’t have much time when I got back, but it was good anyway to see people again one last time.

I made everyone look over my sky-diving & bungy jumping photos, which I’m sure they all detested and pretended to be interested in anyway. ;) I also brought my little souvenir piece of bungy rope, which I’m very attached to (no pun intended, honestly).

After dinner there, those that remained wandered off through the city… I didn’t really have any further plans, but I kinda wanted the night to be significant in some manner, so, I was hoping something exciting would come along. It didn’t, really – we ended up in a Starbucks, I think, just as they were closing. From there… I can’t really recall, but I think we went home. I think I gave Tony a lift back… I think I drove… bah, I can’t remember.

Anyway, that was good. I was tired, though… probably not much a conversationalist – the fact that I can’t really remember is a pretty strong suggestion that’s the case.

The next day, Easter Friday, I did the family thing. More or less the usual – visited mum’s side, and dad’s, although mum came along to dinner at nana & pops that night, which was really nice.

Since my birthday was only a few weeks away at that point, too, I was given a few gifts which was a pleasant surprise. There was plenty of chocolate, of course, but also a can of Spagasaurus. :D I still have that with me, even now – I haven’t had to use it yet; I’m saving it for a special (or dire) occasion. :)

And I was given a Stargate board game. I didn’t even know there was one, but, I now have it. It’s in the same vein as Risk, or Axis & Allies – those sorts of games. It looks half decent, actually, and I’m looking forward to playing it; as I was given it only the night before I left, and it had to be shipped over with all my other stuff, I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

There were other things too, I think, but they escape me now…

Anyway, we didn’t stay there too late, as I had to catch my flight out in the morning. It was kinda sad to be saying such a long goodbye to everyone, but I’m sure I’ll trip back that way sometime relatively soon, so it was far from a forever-goodbye.

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