Catch-up with Roxanne and Lee & Johnny

Today I met Roxanne at DC cafe in Northland (after a slight hiccup on my part involving confusion between Northland and Doncaster :) ). I spent most of the morning going through the crap in my room at dad’s, seeing what can be trashed, what I need to take to the U.S., and the stuffing the remainder into boxes to go into perpetual storage.

It was good to catch up with Roxanne – I haven’t seen her much since moving out from Preston… in fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen her since then. We were only able to chat for a little over an hour – I was heading to Lee & Johnny’s for dinner, and Roxanne has an exam tomorrow that she was hypothetically studying for. :)

We talked about the usual, I guess – the comings and goings of people, and whatnot, and of course New Zealand. She warned me of a few likely surprises, so I’m particularly wary of the night in Wellington now, but by and large just encouraged me energetically to jump off things. :)

The Grand Prix was on a TV behind me, and I arrived with only a couple of laps to go. I didn’t see the finish, just the aftermath – some Ferrari guy getting out of his car, presumably the winner. Someone did say his name, but I can’t recall… I don’t mind watching the Grand Prix if there’s nothing much else to do, but car racing in general doesn’t interest me too much.

I did rather like the spill where one car drove over the front of another. That was cool. :D

From there I went over to Lee & Johnny’s place, where Lee cooked a very nice traditional-sortof chicken & vege meal, with some sort of custardy pudding for dessert. It was very nice, and of course great to catch up with Lee & Johnny, whom I don’t see as much as I’d like these days.

I was really stuffed after that meal, having also chowed down on a pie and sandwich with Roxanne (there were possibly giant cookies and Tim Tam slice involved, as well ;) ). We chatted while casually watching The Biggest Loser. Once I’d recovered enough to roll myself off the couch, ;), I headed off.

When I got back to mum’s I watched the last half of Joanne Lees thing (“Murder in the Outback”) – which intrigued me only because one of the actors was (who I think is named) Tom Long, from The Dish. He didn’t have much of a part though, really – it seemed his job was primarily to sit in the background and be looked at occasionally by the main characters.

It was an okay movie, anyway.

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