Nana’s birthday

Well, nana’s birthday was actually the Saturday, but her birthday lunch was schedule for Sunday so as to suit as many people as possible. Emily still couldn’t make it, nonetheless. Chris & I woke up at about 10am or so, when it began to get quite warm in the bedroom there and getting back to sleep was a mere dream. We killed time playing Carmageddon and TA and whatnot for a bit, until it was time to head off. Lunch was at the Royal in Mornington, and was quite nice. I had a risotto, which unfortunately was full of bloody giant prawns (they promised shrimp on the menu) and had apparently been made in the open air beneath some sort of deciduous tree, that had dropped half a branch of leaves into my darn dinner. ;)

But I’d best not continue down that path, less I end up like pop – defining everywhere I’ve been by what I ate. :D

After that we went back to nana & pop’s, where we killed yet more time playing computer games. When I wasn’t playing I was reading a handy copy of The Night Watch. I got through the first 125 pages or so. I’ve read it before, but it’s one I rather like.

Eventually Chris & Co. went home, at about 5, and I stuck around a bit longer just watching TV and whatnot, until after dinner, at which point I departed there and – so I thought – started home, via Bobo’s. Of course, I ended up at Bobo’s for hours and hours… she showed me all her New Zealand photos (about two thousand of them :D ), and we chatted for ages. It’s nice to be able to just chat with someone for a while, even if it was mainly just the two of us bitching & moaning about our failed relationships and whatnot. :D

I think I eventually left there at about 2:30am or so… I knew it was getting late, because we’d been talking for hours and hours, but I couldn’t see a single clock in Bobo’s room, and I didn’t want to interject and ask the time, ’cause that’s a pretty strong conversation killer at that time of night. It’s not that I didn’t want to keep on, but I knew I had a long drive ahead of me back to Preston, and I didn’t want to be too tired for it. As it turns out I probably got it about right – I was awake enough for the drive, but another half an hour even and I would have been uncomfortably drowsy. I finally ended up in bed just before 4am. :D

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