Starting to move out

On Saturday I started packing up stuff into boxes in order to begin the long ordeal that is moving. Unfortunately, given I’ve had a car all year, I’ve managed to collect a lot more crap here than I can possibly fit in one car, so it’s going to take several trips to move everything. And I ran out of boxes.

Packing was pretty uneventful. While I was doing that I was organising with Chris to pick him up and bring him down with me. I was also trying to organise to catch up with Sarah on the way past her place, but that fell through.

Eventually I figured I’d packed enough into the car for one trip (plus I ran out of time), so I set off. After picking up Chris we made our way towards my dad’s, stopping at two McDonalds’ along the way for a Big Mac (first up) and then sundays (second up, since the first store’s machine was broken). That was good; with all the moving, packing, exams, etc, I’ve not been able to eat all that well. I did manage to get in a shower and some fish stick things around lunch time, but needed something more by the time we were driving down (~8pm).

I also spent a fair bit of the day working on thesis stuff – scanning the flight video for promising snapshots, as well as Photoshopping some images from SparkFun to include in the thesis. (they had irregular, coloured backgrounds, while we wanted at least white, if not transparent)

We finally got down to my dad’s quite late, just in time to see them (he & his friends) finish off the last of the BBQ. D’oh! So, while Chris & I were able to scrounge some bread, we decided to head out and get something. Just as we were leaving, I finally managed to get through to Sarah on the phone, and since she too had not eaten dinner we figured that was a good excuse to get together. So we met her at Chopsticks Inn (her choice) and ultimately ended up back at her parents’ place (the defacto choice). Why she didn’t just let us pick up something for her, rather than coming all the way down to Mornington herself, I don’t know.

Anyway, there we sat for an hour or so, Chris, Sarah, Gail & I, having a good chat. Gail was staying up waiting for Rachel to call, whom was out at a party somewhere and was presumably wanting a lift home at some point. Gail used to do the same for Sarah, years ago. It seems a bit silly to me; back in my day we found our own way around, and we liked it! :P

Anyway, so at least we weren’t keeping her up, although possibly we were Paul, whom was asleep (or trying to be).

After that Chris & I went to nana & pops, given all the beds at my dad’s were already reserved :P, where we took turns playing Carmageddon TDR 2000 for a little while, before finally going to bed at about 2am or so.

When we were leaving Sarah’s parents’ place – Sarah was leaving as well; she was staying with Adele so she can be with her dogs, which aren’t allowed at her parents’… don’t ask – and while the three of us were chatting out on the street, some random kid – probably about 17 or 18 – wandered past. He didn’t say anything at first, and I sure didn’t recognise him. After he’d walked a bit past, he turned around and asked if we were going near the “top shops”, which are apparently off Canadian Bay road somewhere. Since none of us were, we said no, and he kept walking. But just as he was at the end of the street, up near Taps-or-whatever-the-heck-they’re-called-this-month, he turned around again and yelled back asking for a lift anyway. As I’ve already said, back in my day we made our own transport, rain hail or shine (yes, I’ve done all three), so I wasn’t so inclined. Sarah on the other hand was. So we left her to drop him off to wherever. She rang later to tell us that the guy was in fact Mason, one of Rachel’s friends whom I’d last seen years ago when Sarah and I were still together. Back then he was about four-foot-nothing, whereas now he’s probably not much shorter than me, thus why I didn’t recognise him. And as he was evidently quite intoxicated and possibly more, he wasn’t in a state to recognise much more than the ground, sooner or later. Probably a good thing Sarah did give him a lift, in the end.

While I didn’t get all that much done, it was a pretty reasonable day all in all.

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