Ready for departure

Well… sort of. I’ll start packing soon. :D

Flight’s all organised, as is my lift to the airport, so hopefully it should go relatively painlessly. It’s going to be a long day, though… 22 hours of planes and airports. Ick.

Yesterday my group went out for lunch, which was nice. We went to a British pub, meaning a dimly lit place with the soccer up on a projector – Chelsea vs Barcelona. We mostly ignored that, content instead to annoy everyone else there with our incessant chatter. :D

Tonight I managed to pull together a few of the lads – other interns, including Ryan and Julius – for dinner at B.J.’s, which was very nice. My last Pizookie… ah. :)

And now, I have to get packing. D’oh.

I’m not very excitable tonight. I hate packing.

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