I believe F2 did some research into it and discovered than somewhere around 107% of people create panoramas.

I might lay off them a bit in future… they take bloody ages to stitch together. And I really should be doing it in Photoshop or somesuch, so I can get better edges, but experience tells me the mere act of opening Photoshop explodes the time required of any project by an order of magnitude (I suppose that’s a pun).

Anyway, they’re all now done. Enjoy.

I also threw up the two 360° ones as QuickTime VR movies, which are viewable for Twin Peaks and Spanish Bay (the first two below, respectively). When they first display it’s just a low-res preview; wait a little while for it to load fully and the quality improves markedly.

win Peaks Panorama 1
Spanish Bay Panorama
Nevada from Heavenly Panorama 2
Twin Peaks Panorama 2
Tahoe from Heavenly Panorama
Nevada from Heavenly
Heavenly Comet Panorama

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