Thursday before last Rob & I went to Laserforce again. I’ve been slack getting around to writing about it, I know.

It was really good, even moreso than usual. There were quite a lot of people there – probably a good fifteen or so in addition to Rob & myself. Some of them were quite good – there was a group of five or so guys who actually worked together as a team, which made for an interesting challenge, although they provided me with half my score – teamwork helps you avoid getting shot, but doesn’t do anything for your score.

Anyway, we played about five games or so, so good value. I’d forgotten to bring shoes, since I’d forgotten entirely that we were going to go, so I played in thongs… I wasn’t sure how that’d go, for the noise if nothing else, but as it turns out it made no difference – you can of course walk silently in thongs if you choose, and while I expected to trip myself up running sooner or later, it didn’t happen.

Most of the people there wanted to play team games, however, which really drove me nuts this particular time because I just can’t tell the colours apart fast enough to be of any use, and thus rely almost entirely on recognising the players themselves. That was really difficult with the particular crowd we had, as so many of them looked the damn same! As a consequence, my scores in two of the three team games were pretty darn miserable. In one team game, however, I beat everyone. Ha! Sucks to be them, beaten by the colourblind guy. :D

We played a supercharge game for the last one, which I wouldn’t normally be fond of, but it turned out Rob & I scored 9500 and 8900, respectively, or something like that – well above anyone else. So I guess it wasn’t that bad. :)

After that Rob & I went to our usual haunt – the Pancake Parlour at Chadstone – for dinner, and then wasted lots of money in Intensity (or whatever it’s called) – the arcade nearby. We played a couple of games – all shooters, Rob’s favourites it seems – but seemed to do worse overall than the previous week. Virtua Cop 2 was actually working two-player, so we tried that. I’ve played it a bazillion times, so I know just about every sequence in it, and thus I don’t think I actually lost any life for most of the first level. However, that machine’s suspiciously buggy – midway through the two times we’ve played it, the guns simply stop working around the edges of the screen. As a result, you die in all of about 60 seconds. Incredibly frustrating. I really like the game, but I’m not going to waste money playing a buggy version when I can play it for free on PC anyway.

And then we went home. All in all a good night.

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