Rob & I went to Laserforce last Thursday, but didn’t have all that much luck in so far as opponents… eventually, after half an hour or so, the kids party that were there went in for a single game. I’m not sure how old they were… seven or eight, maybe. It wasn’t exactly what he’d hoped for, but it was better than nothing and I was itching for something. Rob wasn’t feeling that great – he’d be home sick the previous day – so as it turned out, anyway, it was probably best that we played only one game.

It was a good game, for me, albeit pretty easy – the kids had a few of their parents with them, but I don’t think any of them had ever played before, so it was a bit of a duck shoot. It was a free-for-all, and I scored over 10,000, which nicely boosted my average (even if it is a little unfair :P ). Rob pointed out that he and I are only two positions apart, at around 50th, on the average score rankings. Shiny. :D

I can’t remember what Sverra’s codename was, but I didn’t see anything I recognised… I think you have to have played in the last XYZ weeks/months/whatever to be included, though; his long term average is certainly still far higher than mine. ‘course, if we hit another few little kids’ parties, I might be able to close the gap. ;)

Afterwards we went to Chadstone, as usual, but Rob was feeling a little quesy after the game, and pancakes didn’t take his fancy, so we wandered around for half an hour trying to find something that did. :P

Eventually we ended up back at Reactor, one of the cafes near the Pancake Parlour, which turned out alright.

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