The mixing of dubious substances may have expected side-effects

So I’ve got this RFS assignment due in tomorrow morning, and because of all this weekend’s events, and my general disposition towards the assignment, it’s not yet done. I’m anticipating another few hours on it… I may pull an all nighter… I only have EMT today, which I could probably drag myself to, then get back to sleep.

Anyway… I’ll detail this weekend’s activities later, after the assignment, but I’ll just say that my decision to have an entire bowl of jelly (500ml), plus a couple of Nurofen, has really gone down well. I feel ready for a whole night’s frustrated work.

I also just want to point out that, apparently, Nurofen (Nurofen Plus, at least) is not over the counter in the U.S.A. Which just blows, because it’s the only general painkiller I’ve ever found which actually works at all for me. But I think I’ve said that before.

And now I’m out of Nurofen, so, you all know what to get me for Christmas. ;)

Actually, I think Nurofen’s finally working properly again… I started developing an immunity, for want of a better word, a while back… but I haven’t taken any in a year or so, and it seems to have lapsed. Excellent.

So, now, back to the assignment. But yes, jelly plus Nurofen is definitely a house favourite. Remember this, because questions along the lines of “why are there little pills in my Frog in the Pond?” will be responded to with URLs. And you know how bad it is trying to communicate URLs vocally.

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