RFS Assignment

I got my marked RFS assignment back today, the one here. I was given 87.5% for it, which I’m not too thrilled about. I think it was quite a good assignment, really. I understand the topic – I’ve been working in the area for years – and although my write-up does have some of the subtle hallmarks of a last-minute affair, I still like it even in hindsight.

Most of the scarce few comments throughout it’s pages are stating that it’s too verbose, yet I lost 2.5% alone for not explaining in the introduction what “fault tolerance” is. It’s tolerance, right… of faults. This ain’t rocket science, kids. I really dislike lecturers that try to pigeonhole a concept to suit their own sense of justness as to what common English words should really mean.

Anyway, the upside is that the RFS exam should be pretty easy… it’s one of those subjects that has that vibe to it.

Rob on the other hand managed something like 107.5% – 92.5% from the written assignment, 15% from the “bonus” section of implementing a few of the Chameleon components – in his case the FTM, Voter and Heartbeat ARMORs. I had the opportunity to do those, but decided not to… if I’m going to implement a system like that, I want to do it properly, without the faults of Chameleon. Still, I should have; such an implementation is trivial for me to do, and would have offset the mediocre reception of the report.

‘course, I’ll get the last laugh, we’ll see.

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