Hi ho, hi ho…

I rode to work yesterday. It was surprisingly warm in the morning. It didn’t kill me, evidently, though today my knees were ever so slightly tending towards jelly.

It’s somewhat ‘interesting’ riding back at night… bike lights don’t really do much to actually illuminate your path – they’re really just for safety, I reckon – and especially not when you’ve got headlights in your face much of the time. So I wasn’t entirely sure I wasn’t going to end up face-planting the road at some point. But I didn’t. Which is encouraging me to do it again next week.

After Francisco recommended mapmyride.com, we checked out the elevation chart of La Honda, from my place to the coast. It’s pretty scary – it rises about 460 metres, with a total ascent of 2,245 metres (round trip), according to said website. And it’s nearly 100km (round trip). So, it will likely be a while before I attempt it. Though all going well this weekend I’ll at least try the start of it – the steepest part – to see exactly how completely implausible it is.

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