California Academy of Sciences

I wandered up into S.F. to the Academy of Sciences [Museum] yesterday. It’s been in the news lately because it’s either new or refurbished, but in any case they have a shiny new planetarium which is apparently the shizit. It seemed a better way to spend a Saturday, in any case, than sitting at home. :)

I didn’t get up there ’til well after lunch, so I didn’t get a chance to see half of it, and the planetarium was entirely booked out by then. :( Still, what I did see was cool – they have a fairly extensive aquarium, along with various exhibits on all sorts of other random things – the standard T-Rex skeleton (fake), an exhibit on rainforests which I wandered around several times but didn’t actually go in… yeah, I pretty much didn’t see most of it. Ah well; next time. :)

I wasn’t there to be an idiot tourist, per se, so I didn’t really bother much with the photos. I took a few, though.

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