Mornington beach

Yesterday Sket, Chris & I went down to the beach at Mornington. Beautiful day for it, and it was great. The somewhat amusing part was when we arrived and first parked. I went to put the club lock on the steering wheel, and did in fact put it half on… when I remembered that the key for it was sitting in my laptop bag 10km away. D’oh. Luckily, while it wasn’t coming off the steering wheel, I hadn’t extended the arm that prevents the wheel turning. So I wasn’t [yet] at the point of having to call for help. :)

So, it was a rather amusing little trip back home to get the key… it must have looked like I was driving drunk, having to hold the club lock as well as the steering wheel the whole time, and trying to take corners wide to reduce the turning necessary.

We made it back relatively easily though, all things considered, and I removed the offending item. Then, back down the beach!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been down to any beach, let alone Mornington. I was surprised that it wasn’t busier – there were plenty of people around, but I’m sure it used to be packed on the few occasions I’d been there, years ago. Perhaps because it’s March people are assuming it’s cold already. Pfft.

It was lovely, anyway. Sket spent most of her time sleeping in the shade – typical :P – but Chris & I had a good swim, and wandered up and down the shore and the pier a few times. The Sydney-Hobart winner Skandia was moored at the pier, which attracted some attention. There was also a very large Manta ray just nearby, scavenging on the bottom. That had people watching it almost all day.

There was also, sadly, a seal that had beached itself. It was still alive, and indeed by the time we left it was back in the water at least, but it didn’t seem particularly motivated to do anything… just lie in the water, popping up for air occasionally. There were people from Melbourne Zoo apparently on their way down to look after it, but in the interim someone had setup that nasty orange mesh fencing around it… not that it stopped many kids – or the odd adult – venturing closer.

So yeah, a very nice way to spend a Saturday. It may be the last one like that I get here… awww. Ah well. It’ll be winter soon, then I can go skiing. :D

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