Whistler [finally]

Plans are afoot for me, accompanied by Laz, to cruise over to Whistler in early February. For a week or so, probably. He’s moving to Canada in mid-January sometime and naturally wants to make good use of the winter straight away, especially given he’s never been skiing or snowboarding before. Should be interesting. :)

I’ve just spent a little while looking at the various costs associated with such an endeavour, and I’m pretty jovial about them, overall. It’s roughly the same in Canadian dollars for hotels and lift tickets etc as it is here, in U.S. dollars, at Tahoe. Which right now is to say, nicely cheap. Getting there of course is a little more interesting, though if I can convince myself to tolerate the Greyhound from Seattle, that’s also laughably cheap.

Which is all pretty surprising, because the time’s were considering are in the middle of the season, where it’s at its priciest.

Anyway, there’s a lot to check and do before the credit card comes out and it becomes real, but I’m looking forward to it already. :)

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