Winter holiday

My plans for the brief Christmas break are still very much… intangible. As I think I’ve bemoaned previously, most people I know here are buggering off to all over the place to visit family and all that, which makes the prospect of a ski trip to Tahoe or similar – alone – rather unpalatable. On the flip side, Drew (of Contiki context, but from Melbourne) is working at Whistler at the moment… ah-hah, I sense imminent scabbing.. ;)

So yeah… I’m resolutely trying to get this retarded car loan out of the way, which I figure I can hypothetically do in six months – despite my exorbitant, extravagant, non-stop lifestyle ;) – which is of course opposed to jetting off hundreds of k’s away on a whim. Apparently it snowed down near L.A. today, or yesterday, or something – anyway, I’m hoping this indicates an imminent two to three metres of powder in the valley.. ;)

My consolation throughout these mock financial woes is that if I stick to my plan, I’ll be able to Eurotrip later next year.

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