My group went bowling today at the Strike on Wolfe. It’s been there for a while now, and I’ve always been intrigued, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be anything like the Australian ones, or what the clientelle would be like (knowing Cupertino :( )… anyway, turns out it’s much like the Australian ones, excepting that they also do food.. not really proper restaurant food, but well beyond basic nibblies. They served a fair chicken parmesan, anyway. Traditionally I believe there’s pasta involved in that somewhere, but apparently I’m mistaken. :/

And we did indeed bowl. Two games, in three teams of three across, incredibly, three lanes. It was quite a bit of fun – luckily a few of the guys on my team hadn’t really bowled at all before, so I was spared the wooden spoon, but conversely a couple of the guys were more than a match for me, so I had something to aim for. The first game started crap for most of us, as we warmed up, but I came back towards the end to surprisingly finish on a hundred and something.. I was happy just to break 100, which is – very optimistically – my average. The second game started off poorly again for me, though others did better… however, I got into my groove half way through and powered through to a 153. That’s the second highest score I’ve ever achieved, from memory… I think it was 165 I managed in Alice Springs (or wherever the heck it was… year 11 Central trip, anyway)…

Anyway, that was good. It was surprisingly busy while we were there, in the mid-afternoon… mostly corporate groups like ourselves (there was another from Apple, in fact). I imagine at nights, especially weekends, it’d be especially busy. But, assuming it is possible to waltz in and get a lane (they have 32… should be able to spare one), I’m hoping I can drag the usual suspects out.

Especially if I can keep pulling off flukes like 153. :D

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