After all the excitement Friday night, I was pretty happy not to do much at all Saturday… I hung about my mum’s for the afternoon, aside from a brief spell when we were booted out while people looked through the house, but then Sket had invited me to bowling the night before, to which I’d agreed because I haven’t seen her in ages, and despite my laziness that sentiment still held.

Anyway, I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to bowl, but when I got there I was immediately taken in. As it turns out it was mainly friends of Sean, Sket’s boyfriend, whom I’d never met. They seem nice, although I didn’t really talk to too many of them… I was just too lethargic for socialising. :)

I haven’t bowled in a fair while… the last few times I’ve tried I’ve done pretty poorly, thus my lack of enthusiasm. I didn’t do as bad as I expected… I started off slow in the first game but finished with a few late spares to score 118. The second game was more or less the same, only less so; I ended up with 90 for that, despite my strike and spare in the last frame. There were only two size holes in the fifteen or so balls we had – miniscule and tiny. Thus I couldn’t actually hold the ball properly, and by the end of the second game was very happy to no longer have to wound myself. My thumb was actually visibly bruised when I woke up this morning, although it’s not too sore now.

So, I did quite well when the ball didn’t fall out of my hand, or get stuck on my fingers. :/

But it was a good night, nonetheless, and I did catch up with Sket & Sean a little bit. I just wish I’d been a bit more well-rested and lively.

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