Gah, I’m old!

Last… what was it, Friday? Yes, Friday, F1, Ross & I went up to some random party at Stanford, of Peter’s. I was looking forward to it during the week, because I was optimistic it’d be good and there’d actually be people my age there. More or less, anyway.

In a nutshell is was perfectly fine, though a little casual and relatively quiet… relative to the other party that was on in one of the apartments across the way, which was body-to-body packed, kegs in the kitchen, music at 11, girls dancing on a table (really; three of them)… much more the Animal House party than Peter’s. Though it says more, the fact that we went there to poke Jeff, and left shortly after, back to Peter’s.

We, as a trio, did chat with a few different people, met a few new people (including “Whorejay” by his own pronunciation, know to the rest of the world as George), but we were a little anti-social; a fair portion of the time was just the three of us chatting. The problem of course was that everyone there was there to just chill, and most people knew a lot of other people – us aside – so there wasn’t a whole lot of intermingling anyway.

It also made me feel old. Not that people really seemed that much younger – a few were, but then many looked at least my age, if not older. No… I just felt… old… I dunno, I guess it was something like, I had my time in the sun in college, whether I used & abused it or not, and me being there now was just posing… I don’t think anyone cared against us being there, at all, but yeah…

Still, it was nice to be reminded that, holy crap, there are actually young people around here somewhere… even if it is twenty miles away.

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