Thesis hiccup

Our thesis due date was originally extended to the 22nd. Upon emailing John yesterday, however, he’s now saying he’d like it by Friday (or he might mean he expected it last Friday, just to make things even more interesting). Rob & I both have the ACS exam on Friday. I quite like ACS, but it’s not a trivial subject, and while I haven’t looked at past exams yet, Rob has and informs me they’re quite scary.

The upside would be that I’d be done on the weekend, and could both relax/party and start moving my junk out. The inescapable downside, nonetheless, is that it’ll be a real bitch to get done by Friday – there’s only four days ’till then, and at least one of them is needed for ACS study – and might just not be possible.

I really didn’t want to repeat the quality of my CS thesis last year. This time around we’ve got a good topic, good content, and know what we’re doing… it’d really just suck if all that was negated by an unexpected change of deadline.

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