Finished thesis, chilled and played in Photoshop

  1. Finished off thesis. The report is finally don…^W^W^W handed in. :)

    This is just a good thing ’cause it’s a weight of my shoulders. Now all that’s left is a PRJ, which I think I can handle. And exams and the thesis presentation, but they’re far enough off that I can relax a little right now. And I really need to relax.
  2. Chilled. Ahhhhhh…. so comfy. :)
  3. Did lots of image naughtiness for the thesis report. I didn’t get to go all the way through it, of course, just as I ran out of time for the literature review. But what is there is pretty cool – I think I definitely improved a bit on the literature review in terms of presentation, although it’s still pretty much the same style.

For those who are interested, you can download pdf’s of by the thesis and literature review from the file sharing area of my site, here. They’re both rather big. Sorry. Originals (Pages) available on [bizarre] request. :)

And yeah, I’ve skipped a day or two of these entries, I know. Had to focus on the thesis crap. :(

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