Show me the ways of this… Penn-sill…

I’ve been collecting a lot of my favourite strips from my various web comics, and I thought I might start sharing a few. I think they’re an interesting insight into me, since they indicate – sometimes quite deeply – my sense of humour (among other things).

From Ozy and Millie, 6th of September, 2005.

This one doesn’t have any especially deep meaning, though – I just find it funny because it’s true. I always hated resuming a course of study after the holidays – especially the summer ones. I’d always forgotten so much by the time we got back into it.

I sometimes think we only learn things in school so we can learn them faster again when we do actually have to use them, years later. I always find I learn on the job, especially with regards to factual information.

School, in my mind, is about being exposed to as much as possible – whether you remember the details or not. That way, later on when you need to solve a problem, you have a large body of ideas to draw from. You can always research the necessary details when they’re needed.

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