Just can’t stop

I’ve had an odd recurring dream for a while now, every once in a while, which is now getting on my nerves as I get closer to going for my license.

In it I’m driving a car, doing whatever. And then something happens which requires me to stop. But the brake pedal is only just within reach, when I stretch right out, and I just can’t seem to push it all the way down – even though I can and do. But the car never stops fully – it just slows down to a crawl, and then keeps going. And so I’m effectively steering this out of control car, in slow motion. And I’m trying to dodge something – some kids or somesuch running across the road – but I just can’t.

In the end I hit whatever I’m trying to avoid – be it a tree, a fence, another car, a person – and then it sorta just ends. It’s really bad… it’s got those overtones of being absolutely acutely aware of what’s going on, but not being able to do anything about it. Helpless, in slow motion, with far too much time to think about it. Not cool.

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