Driving lessons

1) Booked in for my first driving lesson! No, really! :) I’m only 5 and a half years late, but, you know, time flies. :)

As it turns out, the small print in getting a Californian license is that if you haven’t held a license before (from any country; doesn’t have to be Californian or U.S.) you don’t get a full license – you get a probationary one. And their probationary licenses are essentially the same as a Learners permit here… not much use to me. :(

I guess I procrastinated for so long because I kept telling myself I’m too busy, that it’s too expensive, etc etc… at $33 per 45 minutes it’s not too bad – not nearly as bad as I expected; I’d heard figures as high as $75 an hour from some people! But now it’s done; first lesson is tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully there’ll be many more in the coming weeks. I’ll have to book in for my test tomorrow, basically – VicRoads are apparently almost into November on their bookings, so if I want to stand a chance of getting it before I leave… yikes. All happening so fast. :)

I guess that’s pretty much it for today. Slow day.

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