Valentines Day Cards

Well, it’s a little late, but better than never. I can’t remember ever doing anything in particular on Valentines day… presumably I did when Sarah & I were together – I never would have gotten away with not doing something :D – but I can’t recall. So, in the true spirit of single guys everywhere,… Read more

It’s so gonna happen

This is related to the story last week by The Free Lance-Star, A missile punch at bullet prices, on the successful testing (by the U.S. navy) of an 8MJ railgun. It probably won’t mean much to earlier generations, but for those that grew up playing Quake 3, this is all too funny, and likely to… Read more

We saved up for months!

Funny because it’s depressingly true. The other day I stopped for petrol and, knowing it would go up for the weekend, decided to get a fair bit to try and weather it out. I went with $40, which actually pushed the needle up past three quarters full (although it’s not linear, so I don’t really… Read more

Floating Utopia

Now while some people will immediately decry this as politically incorrect, keep in mind that if we didn’t find this cute in some way, we wouldn’t have the ever-popular stereotype of the bickering old married couple, together for 40 years, and still fighting on. TV soapies as we know them would simply cease to be.… Read more

Stop it!

Hehe… I’ve always enjoyed my weekday work, although there’s plenty of uni days I can think of to which this would apply perfectly. :)