My stuff

While I was cleaning out all my crap at my mum’s place the other week, I took the opportunity to photograph of a lot of the stuff, so that even if I do get rid of it, I’ll have something to remember it by. Yes, overly sentimental, but I’m sure I’ll be glad I did it down the track.

Anyway, I took a few hundred photos, so it took a while to go through them. I’ve put most of them up here. There’s a bit of chaff in amongst all that wheat, so please don’t try to go through them all individually; you’ll be bored to tears. But there are some nifty things there.

Also, if you can identify anything shown – i.e. where and whom it came from, and if possible when – then by all means please do. You can comment the images themselves (or failing that this journal entry).

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