Keep it Simple And Stupid

Every time I publish some photos using iPhoto, I have to manually edit the resulting files, move stuff about, and rejig stuff to get things setup as I want them on my site. I can’t ever really change what I’ve published, without going through the whole process over again – and then some.

Consequently, it irks me greatly when I realise I missed a photo.

Additionally, I want more than 48 photos per page. So sue me.

So, I’ve had to ditch iPhoto and find something else. There’s literally dozens of programs just for this purpose, but 90% of them don’t even work, and of the remainder only a precious few work properly. I’ve decided to go with Image Rodeo, since it’s free, configurable and offers the best management. Unfortunately, it means going through and redoing all my photo albums.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing all of last night and today.

On the upside, I’m putting online a whole bunch more photos than I had previously. Lots of shiny stuff coming, promise. :)

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