Notes on Flickr photos

Just a note, I’ve decided – in the light of the FatMac escapades – to upload all my photos to Flickr, not just those I actually want people to see. Some will be completely private – not that I have any of those sorts of photos, don’t get too excited – but any that are relatively inoffensive, albeit probably boring, will be visible to friends and/or family. Now, to be noted as a friend and/or family, you need to sign up to Flickr, then go through some sort of friend-adding process, or whatever. I haven’t bothered to look into it yet. But, if you want to see everything, more or less, you’ll need to look into that.

In a similar vein, all my public photos are tagged “_Favorite_” – yes, the spelling irks me immensely, but that’s iPhoto’s fault and I can’t seem to change it easily – so if you are a friend and/or family, but don’t want to wade through all the crap, search by that tag.

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