North Island photos now online

Well, it’s only taken me nearly two months since they were actually taken, but hey, better late than never; my New Zealand photos – from the North Island only, at this point – are now available on my Flickr account. Enjoy! :D

As I’ve said before though, only the best and relatively benign photos are public. If you want to see all of them – and most of the private ones are private because they’re crap, so you’re not missing out necessarily – you need to sign up to Flickr, then have me add you to my friends and/or family list on Flickr. Then you can see 99.9% of my photos. There are a few in the New Zealand bunch which are pretty good, I think, but are a bit too embarrassing or personal to make openly public. :)

Also, if you’re already on my friends and/or family list, and only want to see the good ones, you’ll invariably find that’s a lot harder than it should be. Flickr doesn’t [yet] allow you to search within a particular set, so although you can narrow it down to only the good ones by searching for the tag “Favorite“, you can’t limit the results to just the New Zealand photos. I’ve sent them feedback about this – I’ve never sent feedback before, but I know they’re aware of this particular limitation, so hopefully my little squeaky voice will add some encouragement.

The workaround for that issue, if need be, is to simply sign out and browse the photos anonymously.

I hope the photos go down well – it’s taken me dozens of hours to get through this many, which isn’t quite half, and I was up until 2am last night just doing the upload prep. They took roughly 16 hours to upload, at a guess…

I’ll endeavour to get the rest up as soon as I can… maybe within the next week or so, but, we’ll see.

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