Oh yeah, that other car…

So, speaking of cars, I still haven’t figured out what to do with my old one. It’s sitting at dad’s place, rusting away slightly further… because of the whole mistaken-as-stolen-engine crap, it’s just too much of a PITA to really try to actually sell it or whatever… I don’t even know if the wreckers would take it without getting all that cleared up. And I don’t like my odds of billing the police for my expenses.

It’s a shame too, because it’s actually a pretty good car, all things considered. Sure, it has it’s couple of quirks.. or seven… but that’s just personality. :D

And it actually gets pretty similar metrage (metric mileage?) to the Mazda 6 I just rented. ‘course, the Mazda was twenty years newer, a V6, and had many of the mod cons – not a line in port on the radio, though, which is retarded – and was comparatively a supercar compared to the old Commodore… but still… similar mileage… :D

So far the best suggestion seems to be to eBay it and make it somebody else’s problem. That works for me, so, that’s probably what’ll happen.

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