America’s Finest Bureaucracy

I’m a bit cranky today. Today was a crappy day.

First thing this morning, off to San Jose to apply for a Social Security Number & Card… after all, I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the wonderful identity theft possibilities. That took four hours… nearly an hour each way on the bus, and then hours waiting in line after line… they make you do the whole shoes-off metal detector business, same as at an airport, except they have just one for the entire building, and will only allow a single person in the foyer at a time… which means standing outside in the cold for half an hour as all the employees push in the line ahead of us.

Great fun, for the whole family.

Then at work I had to install something… and after doing that, something else didn’t work… ad infinum. I left it doing a clean install… I couldn’t be bothered trying to work that crap out.

The bank at least went relatively well… “deposited” my cheque – they had no idea what I was talking about when I said I wanted to “bank” or “cash” the cheque… and apparently that’ll be cleared in just a few hours… way better than Australia’s three-days-or-so-unless-we’re-lazy-in-which-case-it’ll-be-two-weeks…


So, net work done today: about half an hour. Dame shame… dame shame.

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