You didn’t ask me if I’ve been drinking

I got a citation today. For an awesome Infringement of the Laws of the Roads of Royal California. Or something. Bah. I turned right onto Wolfe from Homestead, on red, without stopping. I have no excuse; it’s a fair cop – I did indeed not stop. And I realised, as I was sitting there awaiting… Read more

Sorted, finally

My car insurance is finally sorted… well, supposedly. I’ve been told by both companies involved that it is, when I spoke to people in person, but on the automated system it still claims it’s cancelled. Meh, anyway… I was finally able to go shopping again, properly, and am thus tonight back to eating chicken and… Read more

“I can still drive, I just can’t hit anything”

My car insurance got cancelled last week. Hooray. The reason being that the necessary people apparently never got the copy of my drivers’ license I sent forever ago. They were kind enough to give me all of about four days notice. I sent it off again, and this time confirmed they’d received it, but they… Read more

1,000 and counting

My car rolled over 1,000 miles on Wednesday. My bike got a nice giant nail in it, again, earlier in the week and I’ve been busy each night and haven’t gotten around to fixing it. I do have a spare tube, but that still has a hole in it from one of the previous encounters… Read more

Wait, I know this

Today I nipped out from work for a bit in the afternoon to waltz on down to the DMV for my driving test. I wasn’t too worried about it – perhaps too little so, as I didn’t even think to really revise the road rules book until about two hours beforehand. I did, though I… Read more

Holy crap I can’t believe I just did that

Well… let me just cut to the chase by saying that I drove home tonight. As one might imagine, I’m freaking out slightly, now that I’ve just signed away what seems like the better part of my paycheque. And what do I get for my lifetime of servitude? Ooooh, shiny. :D So I went down… Read more