“I can still drive, I just can’t hit anything”

My car insurance got cancelled last week. Hooray. The reason being that the necessary people apparently never got the copy of my drivers’ license I sent forever ago. They were kind enough to give me all of about four days notice. I sent it off again, and this time confirmed they’d received it, but they cancelled it anyway.

So I’ve now asked them to reinstate it, having found out only on Monday that they really had cancelled it – I’d assumed, given I’d spoken to them and confirmed they now had all the info they required, it would all have been sorted. Ha.

But they’ve said that probably won’t happen before Thursday, if at all. Nice.

So, I’m going to run out of water by Thursday, and on the food front I’m down to a can of Spagosaurus and a pair of fish-cubes (kind of like frozen fish, except rectangular spam-like blobs… awesomely uninspiring to look at, but nonetheless tasty). The situation is indeed grim… I’m trying to save that Spagosaurus for a special occasion. :D

And then, with some bizarre sense of cosmic humour, today I got a $6 refund on the cancellation fee they apparently already charged me, unbeknownst to me. It’s the gift that keeps on giving..

Why do insurance companies suck so?

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