New battery for FatMac

As I mentioned already, I replaced my Powerbook’s battery finally. I figured while it was getting repaired would be a good time for it. I received the replacement battery within a day or two, from memory, which was pretty nice, and sent back my old one yesterday – it wasn’t ‘due’ back until July or somesuch, so I could have enjoyed having two batteries temporarily, but then I don’t really need two, and in any case knowing my karma if I did try to exploit that, the old battery really would explode and burn my house down.

So, the new battery is pretty nice… with the old battery I’d get about an hour or so with normal use, which is actually pretty reasonable for it’s age – even when it was new I don’t think I got much more than two hours. The new battery provided over three, when I tested it. Not bad, not bad at all.

Still, not as good as the battery life on those shiny MacBook Pros, aye? (well, Canada and New Zealand are doing it, so it must be good ;) )

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