It comes roadworthy and with a psych evaluation

It’s funny the personalities our cars develop. I noted this more so than normal yesterday when I stopped to help someone out in the carpark, who had their bonnet up and wasn’t looking particularly excited. Flat battery, as it turns out. While I had all the equipment for that on hand, including the spare battery, it seems the spare isn’t fully charged anymore… I must have taken it off the charger a bit early. Anyway, as it turns out, while we were moving the car to somewhere more accessible, so as to jump-start it, we discovered it roll-started just dandy. Very impressive, I thought; the car was barely moving. It was a Honda CR-V, for reference.

Anyway, while we were talking about our cars and their little quirks, she mentioned she had to keep a hammer in the driver’s door pocket in her previous car; she’d have to give the starter motor three quick taps before it would work. Doesn’t sound too different to my situation. I’m surprised no-one’s suggested soft chanting and tracing mystic runes as well. ;)

Of course, I still need jump leads… long ones, too, as yesterday emphasised – the little island inbetween facing parks was just enough to prevent Rob’s leads from reaching. D’oh.

Plus, Rob’ll probably want his back one day. ;)

It was also sadly ironic that Rob left just before we realised we’d have to move her car, which we needed a third person for. Nonetheless, we conscripted some sprightly young lad as he passed, so it all worked out. :)

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