Exam & ADD

So I had my DIS exam yesterday (the one I missed last semester), and I think that went well. I knew everything it was on quite well, or at least I think I did. :)

I also have my ADD assignment due in today. It’s all done. Just needs to be proofed and printed. After that… nothing! No more work due this week.

‘course, there’s plenty due next week, so whatever delusions I had of a relaxed weekend evaporated pretty quick.

I’m looking forward to fiddling with my car. Perhaps this afternoon, if I get time. The marine valve seems to be working fine, although the clock’s stopped working… I guess it got tired of time freezing periodically. It’s probably a good thing, though; it’s too much of a distraction trying to decode an analog clock while driving. Now I just set it to whatever I want. I’ve got all the time in the world!

And I also want to hook my iPod up to the amp, especially given the release of the UC Berkeley podcasts.

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