ENT exam

This morning I sat the ENT exam. ENT (Entrepreneurship) is a subject I quite liked, which surprised me – I thought it’d be all typical business wank and theory. But Mario, the lecturer, is actually pretty cool – especially given he works for Telstra – and seems to actually be a really good lecturer, judging by how much I picked up in class.

Anyway, the exam was three hours, 47 questions, 41 of which were multiple choice. Or something like that, anyway. The multiple choice altogether made up 123 of 180 marks, and given how easy they were, I think it’s a safe assumption that I got all of them correct. I know the others felt the same way; the exam was similar to last years, just expanded, so we certainly had a very good idea what the answers were for most of the questions this year. The written answer questions were pretty straightforward; I didn’t have any trouble with knowing what they were about. I just hope I put down what Mario considers good answers. It’s always hard to judge what constitutes a good answer in any given lecturers mind… I feel I did pretty well in any case.

And yesterday I worked from noon ’till eight. I studied a bit afterwards, played some TactOps, and had an early night.

Thus far tonight I’ve done some more work stuff, played more TactOps – I’m getting good at it again :D – and did some more ENT work, as noted two posts ago. Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to Mt. Eliza for the weekend, which I’m taking off, given my next exam is next Thursday, and isn’t one I’m too worried about (EMT).

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