No progress as usual

This weekend’s been pretty good so far. I’m stocked full of chocolate (for at least a week :D), I’ve now got a super shiny toolkit courtesy of my dad, a new Discworld book – The Science of Discworld 3 – and not too much school work to do. EMTs mostly wrapped up, now that the financials are more or less complete, and ADD just needs to be written up. Sure, there’s that pesky RFS, and the DIS exam next week, and the electronics project… but I’m sure they’ll all be easy. ;)

So, we’ve got ten people so far for Darkzone, give or take. Quite an assortment, which’ll be good. Most people still haven’t gotten back to me… *peers accusingly* …I’ll have to send some goons around late at night to sort them out. ;)

So, news for the last week… not a huge amount going on. It seems my car’s not using any power when off, or at least it wasn’t today… I’m wondering then if the battery’s actually dodgy… currently testing that hypothesis; stay tuned.

Otherwise, all is good. I acquired a maintenance manual for my car, and have been casually flipping through it. My brakes seem perfectly fine, contrary to my mum’s belief… although it seems I don’t have any oil at all, too… I’m hoping that was just ’cause of the angle I was parked on, or somesuch. Otherwise my drive back home this week, whenever it ends up being, will be very short. And expensive.

I guess that’s pretty much it for now. I’ve gone through all my photos that were marked incorrectly, and they’re all available now.

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