Time to move again

Urrgh, just when I was thinking I could go one year without doing the laborious pack-move-dump cycle again, my landlady announces, on Monday, that she’s selling the place. While she’s not kicking me out directly, odds are the new owners, whomever they end up being, won’t be interested in taking me on as part of the furnishings. Plus, moving out sooner rather than later would be good for all concerned as opposed to people having to navigate all my crap as they inspect the place.

Though I’ve been open to moving for a while now anyway – I think I’ve noted previously that I’d like to get out into somewhere that feels a bit more independent, a bit more mine – F2 is happily in his new place already, and while F1/Tom/Ross are ostensibly trying to find somewhere else, I’m not feeling a whole lot of effort coming from them. Plus F1 seems to dislike every house ever built, which makes things tricky.

So I’ve also been looking at single rooms, sublets and whatnot… not too solidly yet, but I guess I’ll have to next week if not sooner. There’s plenty of places out there, but I don’t really relish moving in with randoms. Though one ad I saw did have an identifying email addy, that showed the guy worked in tech, which was actually pretty reassuring… I didn’t really research more than a cursory glance, but it did highlight the fact that in this particular area, it’s more than likely you can actually get a good idea of people ahead of time thanks to the miracle of Google, which is both awesome and creepy.

So yeah, that all kinda sucks, having a rather solid motivation behind me, but honestly without it I would probably never have bothered moving anywhere else anyway. It has meant I’ve spent the hour or two each day that I’m not working, scanning Craiglist. I hate people. How is deliberately misstating the location of a property meant to really help? Why would I bother looking seriously at renting from someone who’s first act in my knowledge is to try and trick me? Seriously, WTF?

Anyway…. one miscategorisation I did actually appreciate, for humour value if nothing else, was for a place up at Lake Tahoe. Four bedroom place, looked pretty nice in the photos, for $2k. I could almost justify that all on my own. I joked with F2 that we should see how Myke feels about us telecommuting for four or five months across next winter… ;)

We’ll see how it all goes.

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