It’s movin’ time again

I am moving. Again. I guess I really couldn’t stand being in one place for so long after all. ;)

It was in a way actually unexpected. My landlady went back on the idea of selling the place, so the immediate impetus to move was neutered, but that she was thinking about it obviously placed me in something of a limbo. Though I had been looking, I sort of let the issue lapse for a while. I was amused when Ross, somewhat abashed, asked one night a week or two back if I would be cool with them considering smaller places, without me. I honestly didn’t mind at all; that he was asking at all was humblingly thoughtful. But anyway, then randomly last week he got in touch again about another place they were going to look at, a six bedroomer, to which he thought my attendance would be prudent. So I did, and I liked it. Not flawless – it’s a little pricier than I’d generally like, and it’s up in Redwood City, about ~18 miles from work, which is probably going to be a little tedious, though it’s not far from 280 so hopefully traffic won’t bite too much…

Anyway, it’s a big 35 square, three story place, which was immediately dateable to the 80’s thanks to the rather fugly kitchen. But it’s relatively pristine and new compared to the majority of places around here – it seems the average age for homes in the northwest valley and the peninsula is something like 40 – and I can see myself liking it there. No pool, alas, or any backyard to speak of really, but, you can’t win them all. The master’s ensuite does have a spa, but I very much doubt I’ll be going after that room; we (sans David, whom was absent) agreed on the street outside, having looked at it, to some form of tiered pricing for the rooms, and while the master would be very very sweet, the pricey would be sickly so. We’ll discuss that, naturally, in the coming week or two – we couldn’t with any honour make room allocations without David involved, obviously. That I still think we should have just voted that he get the smallest room. ;)

The move in date is the 15th or so, but I intend to retain my current place ’til the end of the month anyway, partly to give my landlady more reasonable notice, and partly because I’m thinking it will be significantly more convenient – I can switch over my mail, move things without a rush, buy things I need as I discover I need them, etc.

So yeah, that’s going to suck up a weekend or two this month, but, hopefully it goes swimmingly.

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