The Dark Knight

I saw the latest “the Batman” movie – if you see it you’ll probably wonder as much as me what’s up with the “the Batman” – last night with F2. It’s quite good – much better than the previous one. I had my fingers crossed that Heath Ledger’s performance would be good, to maintain his legacy of excellent films, and he didn’t disappoint. The trailer really doesn’t convey anything useful about the storyline or ultimate feel of the movie. It’s quite twisted… not so much in a “wow, I didn’t expect that to happen” fashion as “well, it’s been pretty much random so far, so I won’t even bother guessing what’s next”. That’s both good and bad.

A good performance from Morgan Freeman, too, which is a welcome relief from his appearance in Wanted.

Also, I watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog this week, as the three parts were release. I actually bought it on the iTMS, if only because on the first day the free host was down for about 14+ hours, leaving the iTMS as the only option. All in all it was good… a little overhyped…. it started off very well, but ended a bit flat… needed more humour. It was also a little cliché. And while it was drummed up as this big independent, low-budget thing between Joss and a few very close friends, when the credits finally roll in the last episode it’s revealed that in fact there were many people who worked on it, and given its budget ended up being an undisclosed six-figure sum, it’s really not an untraditional production at all. :(

I miss Firefly.

Neil Patrick Harris was undoubtedly the star, not merely in role but presence – he was very very good.

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