The Simpsons Movie

I just got back from seeing the Simpsons movie with ye ol’ interns and whatnot (plus Francisco & Ross). It wasn’t bad… basically a extra long episode, really… nothing revolutionary technically, and the storyline while reasonably involved was still of the type you’d expect for a half hour episode.

Unfortunately a lot of the good jokes are featured in the trailer, which takes the edge off them when you see them in the movie. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, keep it that way.

Afterwards we dined at Chili’s, which was actually surprisingly non-crap. I kept way clear of the “sandwiches” and their “soups” this time, and that worked well.

It was also another chance to use and abuse my iPhone, for the sake of using it. :D It worked well enough – EDGE wasn’t as slow as at home, but still couldn’t handle a few things. And it was handy, although completely unnecessary, to look up the cast list of Hair Spray, or check out some movie trailers, while sitting in the cinema waiting for the movie to start. :)

I had planned on going for a bike ride today, but didn’t get around to it in the end… I cleaned the place up a bit, did the usual catching up on news & whatnot, and then what with meeting for the movie at 4:30, simply ran out of time. :/

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