I went to see the movie 300 Saturday night, because I was bored, needed to get out of the house, and had been unsuccessful at convincing anyone else to go see ‘Next’ with me that night; we’d put that off until Sunday, as I previously detailed. So I figured 300 would be good, because it’s almost not screening anymore, everyone else seems to have seen it, and it happened to on relatively nearby.

I say relatively, because it was at “Century 25 Theatres” or somesuch, down Lawrence a bit, towards Campbell. Going by the name, I figured it’d be a big cinema joint – 25 screens, right? That’s entirely accurate, except the scale’s off by 12.5. That’s right, “Century 25 Theatres” is actually two theatres. I call shenanigans.

So, it took me ages to find it. I’d planned on grabbing something to eat – I hadn’t eaten dinner – before the movie started (at 9:45pm or somesuch). Because I couldn’t find the place, I didn’t end up with that luxury. In fact, the only reason I ever did find the place was because I had to stop for petrol – having used up a whole heap driving in circles looking for the damn place – and I asked the woman at the counter where it was.

And, in true comic fashion, she pointed across the street. I’d driven past the place at least twice. I hadn’t seen it because although it is signed, non of them were illuminated, and were thus virtually impossible to see from a moving car. Brilliant.

Anyway, I made it, and the cinema itself was pretty good, really. The movie, well… I liked it, but I found it to contain a fair bit more unnecessary violence than I’d like. It reminded me a little of Sin City in that vein… a good movie spoiled by an overt desire to be stupidly gory.

But I enjoyed it for the most part, anyway… the storyline was pretty darn basic, really, and had so many fundamental flaws I don’t know where to begin… but then it’s that kind of movie, where the story is just an artificial driver for the individual scenes – like a movie version of Doom.

By the time I left there it was after midnight, so I was a little worried about where I’d get something to eat. But, since I didn’t really know where I was going anyway, I blissfully picked a random direction and went that way. As it turned out, I ran into a place called Carrows which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s kind of a combination diner/restaurant, with a fair variety of generic food. It was actually pretty good – I had a chicken parma, served inexplicably next to spaghetti marinara. But luckily they’d skimped on real ingredients for the sauce, so I was happy to eat it. :D

So, that was Saturday night. Not especially exciting, but at least I did get out of the house, and it was a nice relaxing way to wind up the day, having spent most of the morning moving.

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