Moved into my new place

Friday/Saturday I moved into my new place. I found it via Jon, a guy I met randomly at a beer bash at work – through Gus or someone, I guess – who was interning and happened to be leaving right about last week, when I was needing somewhere to move into. Convenient. :)

So I mentioned I was looking when I met him, he’d mentioned his current place, I’d gone to take a look, and was pretty happy with it – I’ll put up photos sometime, but for the graphically-impaired it’s basically a studio-style bedroom, with it’s own miniature lounge-room bit, and an ensuite bathroom. Shared kitchen & laundry, but that’s fine. And best of all, it’s fully furnished, which saves me a whole bucketload of stress and trouble trying to kit out an apartment, and live in it while doing so.

And the price I’m paying is pretty darn good, too, or at least that’s the impression I’ve picked up from looking around. It’s not really cheap, by Australian standards – you could probably rent close to this whole house for as much in Australia, not just one room – but then this ain’t Australia, and I was well aware going into this move that things would be a bit different.

Still, it’s hardly breaking the bank in any case, so I’m pretty happy all round. I’m mostly moved in – I think I have slightly more crap than can be contained in this room, spacious as it is, so there’s still crap strewn everywhere. But it’ll find a home, in time. If I ever have time, that is – I remember when I had time, once…

Anyway, now that I’m settled in, and won’t be going anywhere for at least a few months – I have no particular intention or desire to move out, but I’ll keep an eye on the market out of casual interest – I should in theory have more free time. Yes… we’ll see how well that pans out in reality.

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