Moved in to my new place

Well, today I moved the heavy stuff into my new place. Hooray. Back into the wild world of student housing, of drunken antics and rampant debauchery. So I’m told. Outside of college – which fits that stereotype all too well – it seems mainly to involve avoiding reality and trying to evolve new life forms in the kitchen. Hmm.

The new place doesn’t look to be anything like that, of course. Aidan’s a reasonable fella, as seems Travis, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s a little messy at the moment, since two people are in the process of leaving, and I’m just coming in – entirely to be expected. It’s a very nice place, too – surprisingly big, and with all the mod cons; notably central heating.

In other news, apparently my immediate focus is on getting my car fixed. I think it drives just fine, aside from some intermittent transmission issues, but apparently the brakes are almost gone. Pfft. Real P-platers don’t need no stinkin’ brakes. ;)

So, I guess this is the first of many inevitable expenses. Oh well. As far as costs go, it’s minor, and yeah, brakes probably are somewhat useful at times… ah, the joys of the eternal money sinks… a.k.a. cars.

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