Going solo

In theme with the previous comment on interior doors, I think I’ve had enough of shared living. Sure, Travis & Aidan are pretty good as far as housemates go; they’re not typically inconsiderate or anything. It’s just the simple logistics of sharing a house with people who don’t share timetables or lifestyles; I tend to get up before lunchtime, which sometimes wakes them up, and I prefer going to sleep while it’s still dark, which is hampered by their styles.

I was surprised to learn just how cheap some places can be gotten in this area… Shane & Nat’s whole place isn’t much more than my share alone of rent here. Still more than I could muster this year, but if I’m still around for whatever reason next year, I’m definitely finding the finance for it.

Ahhh, to be able to go to bed before 1am. Such sweet dreams of these things I do have.

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