King’s Head

Last night I went out with the Francisco’s, Ross, Emily, Bob & Kevin, to the King’s Head down in Campbell. It was an abrupt decision – F2 messaged me at 9:45pm or somesuch. At first we were going to go to the Cardiff Lounge, which looked (from the photos & description online) suspiciously like one of those places… you know, the ones that take issue with boardies and thongs. So, I had to get changed, and do my hair, and… oh dear, it took forever. ;) (actually, my hair is driving me nuts at its current length; too long to suit my typical style without looking like a cockatoo)

Anyway, that and Ross & F1 took a while to do whatever the heck they do, meant we didn’t get there ’till 11ish or somesuch. I’ve always had the impression that Campbell – while quite nice – is very sleepy… so I was relatively excited to hear the bar before we saw it; always a good sign. :D

Naturally, given the name King’s Head, the bar was supposedly from good old mother England. Nonetheless, the band was American and did virtually nothing but American classics (aside from, curiously, Beds Are Burning [Midnight Oil] and a U2 song, both done for encore).

When Ross, F1 & I walked in, we were a tad worried… we appeared to be about the only people under 40. F2 & Co were hiding upstairs, and it did turn out there were a few people in their 20’s there as well, though I think our group contributed half of those.

Nonetheless, it was a good night. Just chatting, listening to music, the usual. And watching Emily sneak beer from anyone and everyone while F2 wasn’t looking, much to his annoyance, as she consequently got rather tipsy, which led her to think she was a stereotypical black woman and get hung up on picking up some girls (presumably for polite social company… what?). All in all I don’t think F2 was especially impressed overall, but him aside I think everyone had a good time. :D

We left as they were doing last drinks… 2ish, I think.. F1 was demanding Taco Bell so we – meaning, me – drove over to the nearest one to find it closed – duh – which just convinced everyone it was in fact pizza we really needed, so we drove back to all of a block from where we started to an open pizza place there. Right next door to the Cardiff, as it turns out. From the outside the Cardiff looked as it’d been described – rather divey. But the reviews were upbeat on the interior, and the clientele leaving were actually our age and – as I’d assumed originally – all dressed up. It’d be good to check out sometime.

So, once everyone else had devoured their steam-rollered half pizzas, we all headed home.

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